Web3 Gaming Mechanics Pt 1: The Allure of the "Diamond in the Rough"

Web3 Gaming Mechanics Pt 1: The Allure of the "Diamond in the Rough"

The future of Web3 gaming has been a hot topic this year. Everyone is trying to figure out what types of web3 games will leave a lasting impact. My philosophy has always been that successful web3 games must offer something important and enjoyable that their web2 counterparts cannot. In other words, what unique potential does the blockchain hold to make a game incredibly successful and fun that cannot be achieved on an existing platform like a console, web browser, or mobile game?

To date, I’ve noticed two unique mechanics that web3 games have successfully employed, which existing games cannot easily replicate. I've termed these as the “Diamond in the Rough” and the “Breeding Game” mechanics. In this post, I’ll delve into the Diamonds In The Rough mechanic, while the Breeding mechanic will be covered in a subsequent post.

Unearthing the Diamonds in Web3 Gaming

The "Diamond in the Rough" mechanic combines the thrill of discovery with the swift and straightforward buy-and-sell capability of any NFT token. Essentially, it's about the exciting pursuit and satisfaction of unearthing NFT tokens that are worth significantly more than their listing price - the so-called “Diamonds in the Rough”.

The "Diamond in the Rough" technique truly shines when the game NFT contains one or more covert performance values that aren't immediately accessible to gamers. Perhaps a racing token harbors a secret track preference, or a champion token holds a concealed stance. Players are tasked with deciphering the token's worth based on its performance, making the game a two-pronged venture:

  1. Analyzing the performance data to optimize the use of your token.
  2. Identifying underutilized tokens that were previously played poorly or had bad luck, but are, in fact, quite valuable.

Both scenarios provide a highly satisfying and fun gaming experience as players revel in the thrill of victory, coupled with the sense of achievement when their strategy pays off.

Web3 Games such as ZED.run, The Red Village, and Muzzle.run have effectively leveraged the "Diamond in the Rough" mechanic to create an almost addictive gameplay that is difficult to replicate in Web2 games.

The Real-World Analogy: Finding Diamonds in the Rough

In the real world, outside of gaming, finding diamonds in the rough is a common phenomenon. We witness it daily in areas like stock picking, Fantasy Football, and buying small private businesses. The joy of saying, "I told you to pick Tesla! I saw the opportunity before everyone!" or "I knew from my analysis that Josh Jacobs was undervalued!" mirrors the exhilaration players feel in web3 gaming when they unearth diamonds in the rough NFTs.

The Key to Lasting Success in Web3 Gaming

To achieve enduring success in web3 gaming, it's crucial to strike the right balance between skill, strategy, and randomness. An overly deterministic game or an oversimplified strategy can make the game monotonous. Conversely, excessive randomness can leave players feeling that the game is purely about luck. However, with the right equilibrium, players can fully immerse themselves in the game, tirelessly seek out those hidden gems, and feel profoundly rewarded when their hard work comes to fruition.

Next, we can talk about The Breeding Game mechanic. (Coming Soon!)