It’s Time To Get Emotional

Jun 26

At Shop It To Me we are customer-driven so we think about product a lot. We’ve noticed that too many Internet companies today think about their product almost exclusively in terms of a functional experience. What need are we serving? What solution do we provide?  What features should we add?  Recent books and blogs encourage that by having you ask questions...

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Building An Indispensable Product

Jun 04

At Shop It To Me, we believe a key way companies disrupt a market and have long term loyalty is by building not just a great product or a insanely fun product, but an indispensable product. Look at some of the services today with the most avid users — Google Search,  Apple’s iPhone (when it first came out), Twitter, Etsy, eBay, Pinterest — all have one...

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Technical Debt — when to deal with it?

Sep 27

One of the key themes In the upcoming presidential election is what should we do with the US fiscal debt. Some argue we should stop everything to pay it down right now; others think we should put our resources into improving the economy and then pay it down later when we have more resources (i.e. more GDP). Technology companies face the same dilemma on a micro-level...

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Smart Tips for better customer feedback

Sep 18

My latest post, 6 Smart Tips for Better Customer feedback, is now on the website! Three of the tips are: 1. Keep customer support in-house and staffed by smart people. 2. Initiate customer conversations yourself. 3. Test constantly. To read more about them, check out the...

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What our customers say vs what they mean

Aug 14

My latest article on what customers say vs what they mean  and what you should do about itwas just posted at! Here’s a snippet… You know this meme: You hear one thing, but it probably means something else entirely. (Like when my wife says “Don’t worry about it,” it usually means, “It’s important. Worry.”)...

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How to build a culture of experimentation

Aug 04

As you have probably noticed from my blog — at Shop It To Me, we are big fans of experimentation.   I believe to succeed you can’t just treat experimentation with lip-service.  It needs to be ingrained in your culture. For those of you who want to start experimenting in your company, I just posted an article on  How To Build a Company Culture of...

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Loyalty for Shopping Sites

Jul 30

At Shop It To Me, we interview people all of the time about their shopping habits, and with the exception of maybe Amazon, there currently really is no one major player among pure shopping search sites. When someone wants to search for an item or shop for an item, they either shop a number of individual retailers or go to google and do a search.    Yes, shopping...

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